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What is Qimiq
The best thing since milk!
QimiQ is a completely new natural dairy base that can be used for cooking and baking all kinds of food, both hot and cold. It can be used instead of eggs, butter, gelatin or cream and contains only 15% fat.

What can you make with QimiQ?
QimiQ is ideal for sweet and savoury, hot and cold dishes such as creams, mousse, cake fillings, spreads, dips, mayonnaise, soups, sauces and much more. Check out some Qimiq recipes here.

Why use QimiQ?
QimiQ contains no emulsifiers or stabilisers and only has 15% fat, meaning lighter, healthier and tastier dishes. QimiQ can replace eggs, fat, cream and gelatine and enhances the taste of any added ingredients.

Anything you make with QimiQ can be frozen, adding to its convenience. Also, QimiQ is UHT so there is no need to refrigerate. QimiQ is quick and easy and guarantees success. But most important of all, dishes with QimiQ taste delicious.

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Qimiq in the UAE
In the United Arab Emirates, Qimiq is distributed exclusively by Emirates Snack Foods LLC
Emirates Snack Foods LLC
P.O.Box 20682
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
TEL +971(4) 267.24.25
FAX +971(4) 267.25.63
www esf-uae.com
email info@esf-uae.com
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