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Congratulations to the winner of Lady Amarena UAE 2019.

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Fabbri and Emirates Snack Foods organized the first ever competition for Fabbri Lady Amarena in the UAE. This competition is held across many cities worldwide, where the winner from each city compete against each other in the final battle taking place in Italy.

Organized at Masti Cocktails and Cuisine at La Mer, Dubai, bar-ladies from across the UAE were up against each other to create their own recipe with Amarena Fabbri to impress the judges and win the chance to compete in Italy for the major title.

From the 8 contestants who took part, everyone poured in their talent and skill into making the best recipe, but at the end of the day only one was crowned Lady Amarena UAE and won the chance to move on to the next stage.

Congratulation to the winner and the runner ups:

Inna Ocheretyna - Four Seasons DIFC (winner)
Inna Ocheretyna - Four Seasons DIFC (winner)

Olga Kulachkovskaya - MamaZonia
Olga Kulachkovskaya - MamaZonia (2nd place)

Rachelle Escallona Chelle BE - Mint Leaf of London
Rachelle Escallona Chelle BE - Mint Leaf of London (3rd place)

All the best to the winner and good luck!


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